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Join Our Family!

We invite you to become a valued member of our family – the Montefiore family of residents, staff, volunteers and directors by becoming a volunteer!

Join our active volunteer corps of devoted men, women and teens who are committed to using their time and talents to enhance the quality of life for Montefiore residents. Each volunteer works with staff in special programs, activities, events and projects.

You can volunteer by yourself, with a friend or in a group. Groups can volunteer year-round or for a specific project such as a holiday program.

Montefiore volunteers of all ages provide a number of services that benefit our residents, families and staff including:

  • Staffing the Posh Nosh Café and the MoMart Gift Shop
  • Assisting at ice cream socials
  • Making friendly visits to residents
  • Helping out during discussion groups and entertainment events
  • Leading Bingo and other programs
  • Assisting administrative staff
  • Accompanying residents on outings
  • Conducting pet therapy visits
  • Transporting residents to and from therapies and activities
  • Welcoming new patients and residents

If you would like more information on becoming a volunteer, please contact
Diane Weiner, Auxiliary & Volunteer Manager, by calling 216-910-2741 or
e-mail dweiner@montefiorecare.org.

Learn about the Montefiore’s Junior Volunteer Program.

Montefiore Volunteer Partners (formerly known as The Montefiore Auxiliary)

The Montefiore Auxiliary, established in 1957, offers direct service to residents. It sponsors ongoing programs, parties and events such as the monthly ice cream social, Oneg Shabbats and Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts.  The Auxiliary operates the MoMart Gift Shop and Posh Nosh Cafe, the proceeds from which directly benefit our residents. The Auxiliary also makes possible various projects that greatly contribute to the comfort and pleasure of our residents, family members and staff.

Many of our volunteers belong to the Montefiore Auxiliary, which provides special services to residents and patients. The group operates the MoMart Gift Shop and Posh Nosh Café and uses the proceeds to support Auxiliary-sponsored activities.