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Montefiore Associate Board

Cameron Orlean
Chair, Montefiore Associate Board



  • Abby Diamond
  • Alex DiLauro
  • Samantha Doris
  • Sam Esterlit
  • Melissa Friedman
  • Nathan Golger
  • Benjamin Golsky
  • Rebecca Golsky
  • Aaron Gross
  • Brian Horowitz
  • Andy Isaacs


  • Evan S. Hirsch
    Montefiore Board Liaison
  • Lawrence A. Mack
    Montefiore Board Liaison 
  • David G. Millet
    Foundation Board Liaison
  • Debbie Rothschild
    Director of The Montefiore Foundation
  • Alyssa Rothstein
    Development Associate
  • Seth R. Vilensky
    President & CEO
  • Adam Jacobs
  • Gabrielle Jerusalem
  • Liz Katz
  • Jonathan Leebow
  • Dayna Orlean
  • Marty Shankle
  • Ilana Spaulding
  • Norman Volsky
  • Melissa Woodard
  • Adam Young
  • Angie Zimmerman


About The Associate Board

The Montefiore Associate Board is the next generation of leaders at Montefiore and The Weils.  Members between the ages of 22 and 38 will be dedicated to raising awareness on issues facing seniors, take action through social media and social capital, volunteer, provide some level of financial support and educate their peers on the work of Montefiore, The Weils and The Montefiore Foundation.


For more information or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact Alyssa Rothstein at 216.910.2636 or arothstein@montefiorecare.org