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Montefiore Foundation Board

Susan R. Hurwitz

Chair, The Montefiore Foundation


  • Brian L. Davis
  • Reuven D. Dessler
  • Gerald W. Goldberg, Honorary
  • Harley I. Gross, Honorary
  • Kenneth G. Hochman,  Honorary
  • Andrew W. Hoffmann
  • Alan Jaffa
  • Lawrence Kadis, Honorary
  • Jeffrey L. Korach
  • Elaine J. Gilbert
    Vice Chair
  • Margo Vinney
    Vice Chair
  • Harriet L. Fader
    Assistant Vice Chair
  • Dennis F. Schwartz
  • Robert A. Fuerst
    Assistant Secretary
  • David G.  Millet
  • Barbara Bellin Janovitz
    Assistant Treasurer
  • Jeffrey S. Davis
    Immediate Past Chair
  • Seth R. Vilensky
    President & CEO
  • Debbie Rothschild
    Director of The Montefiore Foundation 


  • Lawrence A. Mack, Housing Board Chair
  • Harvey Siegel
  • Eric D. Wald
  • Joyce H. Wald
  • Harvey A. Siegel
  • Steven S. Willensky
  • Darrell A. Young, Honorary

*Of blessed memory